Out With The Old…

A while back I wrote a blog, “Are You Geek?”, but then as time went on, I could not fit what I was writing in with my blog. It was very frustrating and I just dropped everything.

The Tequila Thursday Writing Club

The Tequila Thursday Writing Club

Then along came a opportunity that I hoped would bring me back: a few people I know decided to form a writers group called “The Tequila Thursday Writing Club” and I duly joined. At first we had no idea what we were doing and there were a few occasions in those first couple of weeks where things went downhill very quickly – we are the TEQUILA Thursday Writing club after all 😉

But then things settled down and even though we weren’t sure we could handle meeting every week in the beginning, the once or twice that we couldn’t meet, for whatever reason, or if we missed a writer’s club as individuals, we were curious to know what had happened on the night. Several people also started following the blog at thewritersclub.co.za.

It definitely got my creative juices flowing, but my old blog still seemed wrong somehow. The weeks went by as we followed Julia Cameron‘s “The Artists Way” and by the end we all had all decided to also do NaNoWriMo, which I think will be awesome!

I then decided to create this new blog for myself, more fitting to who I am now. And so, little ideas began to form alongside my Nano’s ever growing universe. But being the procrastinator that I am it has taken way longer to come together that it should have. I couldn’t even settle on where to host the blog… But eventually here we are and I hope this is gonna be the blog I intend it to be!


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