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NaNoWriMo comes to an end…

WinnerHas it really been a month? Was it really a month ago that I put the first word, of just over 52,000 words, into my Evernote? Has it been a month that my characters have lived their lives in parallel to mine? And trust me there were times I worried that I would actually start having conversations with them.


Foulmouthed, yet gentle, super-assassin Echo and her wingman, Malik, the super-strong cyborg soldier. Then there were a couple of surprise characters who managed to work their way into my story and became a major part of this universe of theirs. First there is the the rebel leader, Guilermo, and then there’s the Baron who was the biggest surprise of all.

Sadly, I think this specific novel will find it’s way into the junk pile. However, all is not lost: I have been creating a universe spanning over 200 years in the background, with the possibility of much, much more! I think I know how Asimov felt creating his Foundation universe , not that I could, or would want to, even compare my world with his masterpiece… I definitely think that I will work on this more, not to do so would be a unfortunate waste; I see at least five books in this.

Enough about me though, congratulations to all my friends in The Tequila Thursday Writers Club, who as a team, and individuals, have managed to pull off one hell of a set of achievements:

  • As of this post, seven of the twenty one writers in the Port Elizabeth, or PE, region have won NaNoWriMo.
  • Of these seven, two five are first time Nanowrimo contestants, including myself. (EDIT: five are “noobs” according to our ML)
  • For the entire month, the PE writers have been in the Top 10 average word count worldwide. For a while we even held the No 1 spot until the Sri Lanka Incident (don’t ask!)
  • One of our writers managed to reach 142,000 as of this post! 142,000 in twenty six days! Well done PanAlchemist!!!

Our weekly write-ins were awesome as well and a big thanks to CoffeeBoy and nayes1982. We talked more that we wrote, but we walked out of there with a renewed interest in our novels, which was worth far more than a few measly words at write in. Most of us anyway. There were a few casualties along the way but we still love them the same… next year! 🙂

There were zombies, there were aliens, there were strange sex scenes, there were salmon and madhatters, there was a Travelling Shovel of Death (in more than one novel actually), we killed each other off, or I was killed off at least, with a shovel. There were dreamworlds, there were alien worlds, there were underwater worlds and possibly parallel worlds. There were awesome pep-talks from really awesome famous novelists and we all agreed that Lemony Snicket‘s pep-talk right at the end was the best of all! There was definitely tequila, lots of Blue Mountain coffee (mmmmmm) and enough power cords to power a small town. There were new friends made, both from near and a little farther away in Grahamstown, who managed to make our “war” against Pretoria just that little bit harder. Not that it mattered in the end, as we won the “war” hands down.

Lastly, I would like to say a HUGE thank you to our ML, David Seven who is one hell of a ML and a great inspiration! It was one hell of a ride, I learned a lot in this month gone by and who cares that the I have to print the certificate myself and fill in my own name? I can’t wait for 1 November 2011! 🙂