Koh Phangan #4: Muay Thai


Last night we went down to Haad Rin for an awesome night of Muay Thai fighting. Having never seen it before live, it was insane to say the least!
In the one fight, it looked like the local champion actually broke the Koh Samui champion’s leg.
Once again, my luck was against me and halfway back after the fights, my scooter’s back tire got a puncture. After pushing it for about two kilometres, eventually one of the locals stopped and offered to take me back to the resort. It took some haggling, but he agreed to 600 Baht for the lift, but at that stage after pushing it so far already, I probably would have paid anything.
Of course, this morning we had to get the scooter back to where we hired them and paid 200 Baht for a new tube after having paid 500 to get it there. So at the end of the day, my puncture cost 1300 Baht (about R400).
After that, we took a awesome drive through the jungle to a remote village called Thong Nai Pan and found an awesome little stuck away arts shop to get some gifts. Needless to say as with the rest of the island, the views were amazing!
For now though, its time to relax and catch a nap in preparation for tonight.

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