Bangkok #4: It All Comes To An End

Siam Center

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It’s been a fun two weeks here in the Land Of Smiles, but honestly, it was enough – anymore and violence was very likely. Bangkok is something you have to do over a few days, and not a whole week. If it was just a few days, I would’ve been less likely to realise just how much everyone is trying to make a quick buck. When I say everyone is in on it, I mean it – from the security, to the cab drivers, to the hotel staff and the guy on the street, no-one is innocent. Instead of taking you to the best place or the cheapest place, they will take you to a place where they get a cut and if you don’t know the places, you’re likely to be getting screwed over. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an awesome place and I would come back sometime if I could, but next time, I’ll be way better prepared and armed with this knowledge.

But enough of that, I don’t want to be naysayer, because this place is really cool and since my last post, we have been checking out the Siam Centre(s) and last night we went out to a “discotheque”, as the cab driver called it.

First off, the Siam Centre; its three rather big centres linked to each other and we didn’t even get through the whole place, it was just too much. They’re definitely better than anything back home and better laid out. The Siam Paragon is a smaller one with the Paragon Department store spanning 5 floors surrounded by a lot more stores and has a oceanarium in the basement. The main Siam Centre is four floors with a relatively new Madame Toussards on the 6th floor. Then lastly, is the Siam Discovery which is about the same size.

Afterwards we headed back to relax a bit before going out last night to a place called the Bossy Pub. It was a good one with some awesome tunes being played by the DJs and we got back to the hotel at about 3am. I think I may have gone a bit overboard with the Jack & Cokes though…

Anyway, as it stands now, I’m pretty broke and ready to head home. I’m gonna miss this place a bit, but there is no place like home. So till Monday when we’re back, this is goodbye from me.

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