The Katalina Blog Challenge #5: Sophisticate Me

Schopfer Infinitas

Schopfer Infinitas Yacht

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This challenge had me stumped. What 25 things would indicate sophistication and success in my life? I’m a really simple guy, I just want enough to get by comfortably and have all the gadgets I want, but I don’t just want to put down a list of gadgets I want. Don’t get me wrong, I would be completely happy without having most of the stuff on this list, but in a perfect world, this would be me. So in no particular order:

1) First up, a fully stocked wine cellar

2) A walk-in humidor with a large selection of quality cigars

3) Speak a whole bunch of foreign languages

4) A wide selection of tailored suits

5) An Audi (RS5 ,R8 or Q7)

6) Or even better – A rare sports car (Bugatti, Koenigsegg, Pagani)

7) A Schopfer yacht

(Ok now I’m getting ridiculous, so back to reality)

8 ) Serious cooking skills; I know how to cook, but I want to know how to COOK

9) Travel… just travel without a care. No worries about budgets and work and all that other stuff life throws in our way

10) Being able to give less of a damn about other people’s issues with me

11) A kick ass entertainment system

12) Financial freedom

13) My zombie series of novels finished and on the bestseller lists

14) Have a PA

15) Lots of gadgets!!

(Alright, I admit that by now I’m starting to grasp at straws… I told you that I’m a simple guy)

16) Every bit of Zombie paraphernalia that exists

17) In case you didn’t get how serious I am: Every bit of Zombie paraphernalia that exists

18) A beach house

19) A cabin in the mountains (in the middle of nowhere)

20) Being able to tell people what I REALLY think of them.

21) Did I mention gadgets?

22) My own little happy family

23) Not having to make lists

24) Just in case you still don’t believe me: Every bit of Zombie paraphernalia that exists

25) A really successful blog

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