What a Weekend!

Bushmans River Mouth

Image Courtesy of virtualtourist.com

This past long weekend, I was invited along with my girlfriend to Boesmansriviermond (Bushmans River Mouth) to stay at one of her friend’s house. Of course any weekend away is great, but I wasn’t expecting it to be as awesome as it was.

Bushmans is about an hour and a half from Port Elizabeth along the R72, depending on traffic or what roadworks they’re busy with. I think my girlfriend started to worry about me at some parts when I got stuck behind trucks and other people that really shouldn’t be on the road because of the way they drive. Nonetheless we arrived at suppertime, in one piece (and without causing vehicular manslaughter), after only having left after work on Friday.

You’re kinda forced to relax from when you arrive. There are very few shops and over weekends they all close at 2pm (of course you could drive to Kenton-On-Sea or Port Alfred but you’re so chilled out, that even that seems like an effort. There is a local pub called the Bushmans Pub & Grub (previously Buccaneers?). The Gateway Tourism Centre at the entrance also has some amenities such as a internet cafe and restaurant. Up until the 80’s there wasn’t even electricity or water in most houses, but even so, you should take your own drinking water.

We spent our Saturday swimming at the river and having a braai while the rugby was on. We played some pool for Ship Sherry (drink a shot if you lose, and I lost quite a bit…). We did very little else. Sunday was spent cruising up the river on a speedboat – the whole day actually. Just cruising up and then back down, stopping to cool down for a dip in the river once in a while. We went up quite far but not as far as we could have. Supposedly you can go up about 30km or so. Surprisingly, even though we went up quite far (about 20km?), the water is still salty (and kind of chilly!).

It was really an awesome weekend and a big thanks to Enzo, Aluschka and the rest  for a really epic weekend. Also thanks to Marcell (sic) & Co for the brilliant boat trip!

For more info on Boesmansriviermond, go look at their website. If you’re looking for a nice relaxing holiday, look no further!

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