Gimme Some Series #1: September


RevolutionNEW: Revolution (17 September)

From the minds of Eric Kripke (Supernatural) and JJ Abrams (writer/director/producer of endless hits) comes a new series directed by Jon Favreau (Iron Man). In a post-apocalyptic world, a family struggles reunite and discover what has happened 15 years after a mysterious event has rendered every bit of technology from lights to cars useless.

This series will either work damn well or fail miserably, but the brains behind it and the actors, including Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost) & Billy Burke (Drive Angry, Twilight), give me some hope.


Season 2: Homeland (30 September)

Mentally unstable CIA agent Carrrie Mathison (Claire Danes), haunted by her failure to anticipate 9/11,  worries that a rescued POW (Damian Lewis) may be planning a terrorist attack.

Season 3: Boardwalk Empire (16 September)

Chronicles the legendary story of Atlantic City’s rise to a gambling mecca. Written by Terence Winter (Sopranos) and produced by Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson (Entourage)

Season 2: Revenge (30 September)

Loosely based on The Count of Monte Christo, this is a tale of a rich young woman’s revenge on those who ruined her late father’s life years ago.

NEW: Last Resort (27 September)

The crew of an American submarine defies orders to flatten Pakistan with nuclear weapons and become targets themselves. The crew escapes to a tropical island, declares the island a sovereign nuclear state, and look for ways to prove their innocence.

Season 6: The Big Bang Theory (27 September)

The hit series returns for it’s 6th season.

(No Promo or Trailer available)

Also watch out for these :

Season 2: Person of Interest (27 September)

A former CIA assassin (Jim Caviezel) and a billionaire computer scientist (Michael Emerson) team up to prevent crimes before they happen with the help of an all-seeing surveillance system created to prevent terrorist attacks.

NEW: Elementary (27 September)

A new contemporary twist on the Sherlock Holmes story featuring Jonny Lee Miller as Holmes and Lucy Lui as Watson

Season 5: Fringe (28 September)

The long running hit series is returning for it’s final season.

Mini-series: Coma (3-4 September)

Based on the Robin Cook novel (and 1978 film featuring Michael Douglas). This 2 part mini-series presented by Tony Scott & Ridley Scott, looks creepy as hell…

Must see, in case you missed them:

Continuum (Season 1) (Returning Aprl 2013)

Falling Skies (season 2) (Returning June 2013)

Dallas (Season 1) (Returning January 2013)

Complete List:

For a complete list of new and returning series, I would suggest following at a blogger called Cybermage’s rather exhaustive (and awesome) list here:

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