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Gimme Some Series #3: October 2012


NEW: Arrow (10 October)

Inspired by the DC Comics character, The Green Arrow, this new series is bought to us by Andrew Kreisberg (Fringe, Eli Stone), Greg Berlanti (Everwood, Eli Stone) and Marc Guggenheim (writer at Marvel & DC, co created Eli Stone.

Shipwrecked on a mysterious island and presumed dead for 5 years, billionaire Oliver Queen, portrayed by Stephen Amell (Vampire Diaries, 90210),  returns home, only to fight crime as the vigilante “Arrow”

The creators and the network, The CW, have hinted at a edgy and gritty feel to the series, so hopefully they can pull it off.


Season 3: Walking Dead (14 October)

Merle’s back, the Governor, Michonne, a prison full of zombies, what is there not to like about the new season? Admittedly season 2 was a bit slow moving, but I still loved it.

As a side not, I am busy reviewing Telltale Game’s Walking Dead PC game for, so the two will definitely overlap and it will be pretty hard not to compare them. Let’s see how this goes.

Season 2: American Horror Story

I could carry on about the awesome series this is, but I’ll say just one word that should sum it up:


Also watch out for these :

Season 8: Supernatural

I know my fiance will be pretty damn happy that this show is returning, and I’m sure there are a few others out there who will be just as excited. Possiblly the last season?

Must see, in case you missed them:

Season 1: Revolution (Currently running)

Season 3: Haven (Currently running)

Season 6: The Big Bang Theory (Currently running)

Season 2: Homeland (Currently running)

Complete List:

For a complete list of new and returning series, I would suggest following at a blogger called Cybermage’s rather exhaustive (and awesome) list here: