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Must See Movies 2013: A Glimpse So Far

Below are the movies I am most excited about for first half of the year or so. Release dates indicated are for South Africa, and are subject to change. Only movies with trailers and confirmed SA release dates are shown here. Watch my monthly posts for more up to date info. Source for release dates:



Django Unchained

Prediction: Damn funny and will rock, plenty of Oscar nominations.

Also watch out for Argo –


A Good Day To Die Hard

Prediction: Not really too sure, but should be good fun 🙂


Prediction: Gonna be amazing!

Also watch out for Zero Dark Thirty if only to see what the hype is about –


Oz the Great & Powerful

Prediction: Looks promising

Red Dawn

Prediction: Probably will be the same old formula, but should be entertaining



Prediction: Even if it sucks, it should be interesting or at least entertaining, it’s win-win

Seven Psychopaths

Prediction: It’s a winner! Why? 1) Woody Harrelson, 2) Christopher Walken, 3) It’s looks awesome

Also watch out for the Carrie remake –


Iron Man 3

Prediction: Looks very dark…

Evil Dead (Remake)

Prediction: Where’s Bruce? No really… ooh wait this looks kinda freaky actually 🙂

Fast and Furious 6

Prediction: Another one? Only the big names are gonna save this one…

Also watch out for the Texas Chainsaw 3D (yet another scray movie remake) –

And don’t forget about Stoker –


Man of Steel 

Prediction: Oooh dark… plus Christopher Nolan (producer) and Zack Snyder (300) are involved in it

After Earth

Prediction: Should be pretty cool, starring Will Smith and son, Jaden

Star Trek – Into Darkness 

Prediction: Never really got into old Star Trek (*gasp*), so the reboot since the previous film has me hooked 🙂


World War Z 

Prediction: Bad CGI aside, it should be pretty cool, even if it doesn’t look anything like I’d have pictured the book.

The Lone Ranger

Prediction: Looks pretty damn cool

Despicable Me 2 

Prediction: Laughs and fun all around


Pacific Rim

Prediction: Prepare to be blown away…



Prediction: Since this isn’t really a trailer, it’s kinda difficult to say, but if Neill Blomkamp bought us District 9 with $30m, imagine what he can do with $120m and Matt Damon?

The mystery around this film reminds me of the mysterious build up and viral campaign of “fakeverts” and the rest that he did with District 9. Less is known about this film that some films coming out in 2014.

Posts of Randomness #1


There are times where you just need to vent and for me that happens when I game. I just loose myself in the universe that has been created for my enjoyment. There are very few games I absolutely love and one of those was Star Wars: Force Unleashed.

I am a huge Star Wars fan. Not Fanboy, but a fan… I have the original and prequel dvd boxsets, have played the a lot of the games. But The Force Unleashed just blew my mind. I have to admit here, I’ve always been drawn to the dark side so the Starkiller character was awesome for me. Okay granted, I followed the good path at the end but I had some fun with the dark side.

So when I heard about the sequel a few months back I literally came in my pants… okay not really but you get the point! And this morning on 5fm I heard an advertisement confirming it’s release tomorrow at all major retailers.

I won’t try explain it to you, but just have a look at these:

Then I came across this article earlier and the geek in me wanted to start jumping up and down and celebrating! Christopher Nolan has released the official title of the new Batman movie –

The Dark Knight Rises

Go read more by clicking above.

After reading that I came across this article on one of my favourite blogs: about procrastination which is pretty funny since I put off reading it to do some other things…

Anyways, that’s all from me for now… but before I go here are some random pictures for you to ponder.

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