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Free Shit: An Update

About a month back, I decided to stop ignoring all the online competitions I saw around the web and started entering them like a crazy man.

On 20 June, I published a blog post on how to enter free online competitions and where to go to, such as, who post all the online competitions that they find for us…

I also told you about sites like Groupon and the rest and how they help you to get some major discounts, especially for eating out. Since then I also discovered a nice aggregator for all these sites – – which aggregates, or lists, all the deals from the many deal sites out there in one place, including online deals. You can also sign up to their daily email deal notifications.

More importantly though, yesterday I won my first competition and I have to thank for this as well. Not directly mind you, but through another competition they had linked to on the same site.

I won something that if you knew me, couldn’t be a better prize. It is a Philips BodyGroom which is pretty cool. But anyway, that’s not the point. I have been doing this for less than one month and it’s paid off already.

Tip: Take the time to setup your browser’s auto-complete feature. It is worth the initial setup time purely because of the amount of time it saves you in the long run.

Free Shit!

I’m all for free stuff, even if it takes entering a whole shitload of competitions. If you know where to look, there are a hell of a lot of free online competitions.

Unfortunately, if you’re not from South Africa, some (or most) of these won’t be much use to you.


This website links to all sorts of competitions around the web, again this is mostly for South Africans. Some may require you to send an sms, some require registration of some kind but 90% of them are free to enter.

I have realised that they do miss out on one or two of the competitions on the same websites of other competitions that they do post. So when you are on the website of whatever competition you are entering, have a look around and see if there aren’t any others.

2) JustPlay

For answering a questionnaire from a sponsor, you get given an entry into a choice of various prizes. You get given a limited amount of entries, so choosing which prizes you want can be difficult. You can also earn or buy bonus entries which bypass the questionnaire. Each prize will stay on the site for a certain period (generally more than 200 days) and once that period is over a random name is drawn.

3) A Few Others

The following are very similar to and most of their prizes that they link to are exactly the same. There are occasionally one or two others that doesn’t list that show up here.

Although that they technically aren’t free or competitions, there are a growing number of group buying schemes that save you not less than 50% on eating out, holidays and whatever is on offer. The most well known of these is most likely Twangoo, who joined forces with international giant Groupon to bring us MyCityDeal

There are plenty others and the amount of sites are growing monthly. This article will give you an idea of the number of sites out there.