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Bangkok #3: Boom-boom show, yes?

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Was a busy day yesterday, so didn’t really have time to blog at all, but was exact opposite today. Yesterday we were going to go to the Floating Market, but the idea of travelling for an hour to float in a boat in a market seemed crazy. That’s all Bangkok is, a big shopping mall, so to travel all that way for the same stuff seemed a bit mad. Instead we took a 30 minute trip with our limo driver I mentioned, Tony, to Bangkok’s amusement park called Dream World. It was pretty awesome to embrace my inner child for a day. We got there at about 10:30 and only left at about four in the afternoon; we did almost every single ride (except the ones that are kids only.)

Then we went back to the hotel and chilled before Tony took us out at about 7ish, to go watch what he called “boom boom show.” Now this is where I think the whole sex scene in Bangkok is just one big tourist trap. Don’t get me wrong, it was something you had to see, but I prefer going to places like Candy’s and Golden Curtain – the beers dont cost R50 and you don’t pay more than R200 to go in. Maybe we went to the wrong place, although it was recommended to us, but to be honest  don’t feel like wasting more money on seriously freaky strip shows, think razor blades and ping pong balls. Before we went out though, we ate at an seriously impressive restaurant called Kuang’s Seafood and ate like kings!

The night did improve as we managed to find a kick-ass rock club nearby called The Rock Pub, Bangkok’s House of Rock. There was a band that I can’t pronounce or even spell, but they were doing awesome covers of everything from The Beatles to Metallica and were damn good at it as well! We decided to head back on Saturday, since it was a pretty quiet night and the band had finished playing at close to midnight.

Today we attempted to go catch some sun by the pool, but inbetween the sun being blocked by the hotel for about an hour or so and clouds appearing just as it was coming out again, it didn’t work really well. Just before 6pm local time, we headed out to the tailor we went to a few days back and did the final fit on our suits. Alex’s was perfect, but my pants were a bit tight, so he said to come back at 7:30pm again to collect them. To say I am satisfied with it though, is a major understatement, it is beyond awesome. So in less than an hour I will go collect my English cashmere suit and five egyptian cotton shirts. The best part is the guy said he can send us suits to South Africa if we want to get more later. He will send them to us whenever we want. At Just over R1500 for a suit and five shirts, it will be very tempting!

Until next time!