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Bangkok #2: Wat?

Grand Palace with Temple of the Emerald Buddha...

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The day today was spent doing the tour of the major Wats and the Grand Palace. They were seriously awesome, but at the end I had enough, to say the least (too much of a good thing…).

We managed to get hold of a “limo” driver who took us around from place to place and picked us up when done. He had a old Volvo S70, but compared to the cabs and tuk-tuks it was awesome. He only charged us 400 Baht each for the whole day compared to about 100 Baht for one trip in a tuk-tuk/cab.

We started off at Wat Benchamabophit (The Marble Temple), which is constructed almost entirely out of marble. We then moved on Wat Phra Kaew (The Grand Palace & Emerald Buddha) which took about and hour and a half to get around – there are some amazing buildings there.

Afterwards it was on to Wat Pho (The Reclining Buddha or Sleeping Buddha) which has a Buddha statue about 50m long and 10m high in a sleeping position. At this stage, Alex was ready to give up, but I convinced him to go to the last one on my list – Wat Arun (The Temple of Dawn) which had some serious steps going up, but the view is pretty cool on top. Admittedly, by this stage, I was also sick of walking around the temples/Wats and it was time to call Tony, our driver, to get us to Phantip Plaza, which is a short walk away from the hotel. It’s basically a huge mall, with about 5 levels, full of electronics stores. It was cool, but we decided to come back later, when we wanted to spend some money (and had more patience.)

And that’s where we are up to now… at the internet cafe nearby to catch up.

Tomorrow it’s off to the Floating Market, about an hour out, so will let you know how that went.