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Super Rugby Predictions #3: Week 7 2013

My highlights for the Easter weekend are the Chiefs vs Blues and the Stormers vs Crusaders (both on Saturday)

First off, I have been a little bit slack, but mostly busy, with posting the past two weeks of predictions beforehand, but in the interest of monitoring my progress completely, I have updated my past two weeks of predictions in the Archive and they weren’t pretty. Week 4 also wasn’t much better. For weeks 4 & 6 I only managed to get 3/7 right each week and week 5 saw me only get 4/6. So moving along then, I hope week 7 can bring me a better result…

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Highlanders vs Reds

All Time

  • Average Score:  29  – 22
  • Highlanders W-D-L: 9 – 7 – 0

Home Game Advantage

  • Average Score: 38 – 17
  • Hurricanes W-D-L: 7 – 0 – 0

My Prediction: Highlanders by 4

I’m tempted to say that the Reds will win it, but the home game stats speak for themselves here, the Highlanders should get away with their first win!

Hurricanes vs Kings

All Time

  • Average Score:  N/A
  • W-D-L: N/A

Home Game Advantage

  • Average Score:  N/A
  • W-D-L: N/A

My Prediction: Hurricanes by 4

Relative newcomers the Kings play their second NZ conference game against the Highlanders. The severe beating that was incurred against the Crusaders last week has shown them what to expect and I still have hopes for them, even if my predictor doesn’t…

Chiefs vs Blues

All Time

  • Average Score:  26 – 24
  • W-D-L: 9 – 10 – 0

Home Game Advantage

  • Average Score: 25 – 21
  • W-D-L: 4 – 5 – 0

My Prediction: Chiefs by 10

Without considering past scores, the Chiefs should take this one by at least a try or two. No matter what happens though, this should be a very high scoring game with at least 80 points on the board

Brumbies vs Bulls

All Time

  • Average Score:  32 – 27
  • W-D-L: 8 – 6 – 0

Home Game Advantage

  • Average Score : 39 – 22
  • W-D-L: 5 – 1 – 0

My Prediction: Brumbies by 4

Should be the Brumbies game, considering their form this year and that they have the home advantage!

Cheetahs vs Rebels

All Time

  • Average Score:  37 – 24
  • W-D-L: 2 – 0 – 0

Home Game Advantage

  • Average Score : 41 – 21
  • W-D-L: 1 – 0 – 0

My Prediction: Cheetahs by 3

The Cheetahs have come back from a successful Australasian leg, while the Rebels are coming from a major ass-whipping in Durban against the Sharks.

Stormers vs Crusaders

All Time

  • Average Score:  21 – 30
  • W-D-L: 4 – 13 – 0

Home Game Advantage

  • Average Score:  23 – 28
  • W-D-L: 4 – 5 – 0

My Prediction: Crusaders by 12

The Crusaders have bounced back nicely the past few weeks… and the Stormers have a few injury concerns.

Waratahs vs Force

All Time

  • Average Score:  21 – 30
  • W-D-L: 4 – 13 – 0

Home Game Advantage

  • Average Score:  18 – 17
  • W-D-L: 1 – 2 – 1

My Prediction: Waratahs by 4

Against my better judgement I’m gonna back the Tahs, even though the Force could surprise them…

Rugby Fever

The Rugby World Cup trophy - the William Webb ...

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It is less than 24 hours until the Rugby World Cup 2011 starts with the first game between New Zealand and Tonga.

The first game I am really looking forward to is the one on Sunday between the Springboks and Wales though, not that the entire world cup doesn’t excite me. Unfortunately for most of the games I am going to be looking at highlights or possibly listen to the radio, but I will try see as much of it live as possible. I am quite an avid fantasy league player as well and this time there are quite a few fantasy games going on.

Ultimate Dream Teams has two games going, a fantasy league game and a score prediction game.

The score prediction game is sponsored by Etana and if you wanna join, just go here:

The grand prize is an Apple iPad 2 16Gb with 3g/WiFi

The fantasy league game is sponsored by Blackberry and you can go here to join:

The prizes have not yet been announced.

Supersport also have 2 games running, and you guessed it, they have a fantasy league game and a score prediction game. What I find quite funny is that they used to run their fantasy games through Ultimate Dream Teams.

Their games are located here:

Fantasy League:

Score Prediction:

No prizes have been announced for these games either.

As always, Superbru also have a prediction game going, and you can check it out here.

Their prizes are actually pretty kick-ass, so go check it out here:

The last game that I have registered for is a prediction game for the Springbok games only (currently)from BMW. The prize here is a trip for two to the final in New Zealand.

Go here to enter: