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Gimme Some Series #1: September


RevolutionNEW: Revolution (17 September)

From the minds of Eric Kripke (Supernatural) and JJ Abrams (writer/director/producer of endless hits) comes a new series directed by Jon Favreau (Iron Man). In a post-apocalyptic world, a family struggles reunite and discover what has happened 15 years after a mysterious event has rendered every bit of technology from lights to cars useless.

This series will either work damn well or fail miserably, but the brains behind it and the actors, including Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost) & Billy Burke (Drive Angry, Twilight), give me some hope.


Season 2: Homeland (30 September)

Mentally unstable CIA agent Carrrie Mathison (Claire Danes), haunted by her failure to anticipate 9/11,  worries that a rescued POW (Damian Lewis) may be planning a terrorist attack.

Season 3: Boardwalk Empire (16 September)

Chronicles the legendary story of Atlantic City’s rise to a gambling mecca. Written by Terence Winter (Sopranos) and produced by Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson (Entourage)

Season 2: Revenge (30 September)

Loosely based on The Count of Monte Christo, this is a tale of a rich young woman’s revenge on those who ruined her late father’s life years ago.

NEW: Last Resort (27 September)

The crew of an American submarine defies orders to flatten Pakistan with nuclear weapons and become targets themselves. The crew escapes to a tropical island, declares the island a sovereign nuclear state, and look for ways to prove their innocence.

Season 6: The Big Bang Theory (27 September)

The hit series returns for it’s 6th season.

(No Promo or Trailer available)

Also watch out for these :

Season 2: Person of Interest (27 September)

A former CIA assassin (Jim Caviezel) and a billionaire computer scientist (Michael Emerson) team up to prevent crimes before they happen with the help of an all-seeing surveillance system created to prevent terrorist attacks.

NEW: Elementary (27 September)

A new contemporary twist on the Sherlock Holmes story featuring Jonny Lee Miller as Holmes and Lucy Lui as Watson

Season 5: Fringe (28 September)

The long running hit series is returning for it’s final season.

Mini-series: Coma (3-4 September)

Based on the Robin Cook novel (and 1978 film featuring Michael Douglas). This 2 part mini-series presented by Tony Scott & Ridley Scott, looks creepy as hell…

Must see, in case you missed them:

Continuum (Season 1) (Returning Aprl 2013)

Falling Skies (season 2) (Returning June 2013)

Dallas (Season 1) (Returning January 2013)

Complete List:

For a complete list of new and returning series, I would suggest following at a blogger called Cybermage’s rather exhaustive (and awesome) list here:

Must See Movies 2012 #5: Total Recall, Resident Evil & Dredd (and others)

Over the next two months, there are three movies I cannot miss and some others I will try my best to see.

First up at the end of this week today is the remake of Total Recall. I loved the original with Arnie and am hoping that Colin Farrell won’t let me down. I don’t expect it to be better than the original, and am not going to walk in comparing them, but the trailer looks pretty kick-ass so I have a little bit of hope.

In the middle of September, the day after my birthday actually, comes Resident Evil Retribution. Honestly I think this series of movies has been going on for way too long, but it has zombies and Milla Jovovich, so it’s a must see! 🙂

At the end of September, comes a movie that I have been hoping for since the first attempt in 1995. That movie of course is Dredd 3D.

When I was in boarding school, every Friday afternoon would be spent at the bookstore in town reading the latest 2000AD comic. If I couldn’t read all of it, I would make sure that I had read at least the Judge Dredd part.

When I heard about the first movie in 1995, I was excited beyond words, until I watched it. It sucked and that is all I have to say about it…

Fast forward a few years (13 to be exact) and it was announced that Alex Garland (28 Days Later) would be the writer of the new movie.   Reviews of the initial screening of the movie have been positive with IGN giving it a 8/10. Even better has been the talk of a Dredd being a trilogy (did I mention how excited I am?)

In summary here are the films to look out up to the end of September, including the above:


Now: Expendables 2

Coming up: Total Recall


Week 1: The Watch

Week 2: Resident Evil Retribution

Week 3: The Bourne Legacy

Week 4: Dredd 3D

Must See Movies 2012 #4: Catching Up

After a few months of absence, I’m back! My last Must See Movies post was in May and to make matters worse, I have only seen one of the three movies that I rated as must see. That movie was Battleship and in my defence, I did say I thought it would be entertaining, whether it was good or bad… It turned out to be the latter.

I still intend to watch Men in Black 3 and Dark Shadows, but not sure when that’ll be. On the other hand over the last couple of months, there were three movies that really stuck out for me and if you haven’t watched them yet, what is wrong with you?

First up was Prometheus, and I really enjoyed the not-a-prequel prequel of the Alien saga. Check it out, there’s talk of a sequel to the not-prequel-prequel that will definitely not be a prequel, but a complete separate storyline. Confused yet?

The second one was The Dark Knight Rises. I know a lot of people won’t agree with me that this is the best of the Dark Knight trilogy. With the exception of Bane‘s almost unintelligible speech, I loved everything about it….

The third of my recommended movies for the past few months is The Amazing Spiderman, if only because it doesn’t have Tobey Maguire as Spiderman… Andrew Garfield did a much better job in my opinion. The only thing that made me appreciate this movie a little less was the fact that I had watched The Dark Knight rises a week before, so it was difficult to not compare