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Koh Phangan #4: Muay Thai


Last night we went down to Haad Rin for an awesome night of Muay Thai fighting. Having never seen it before live, it was insane to say the least!
In the one fight, it looked like the local champion actually broke the Koh Samui champion’s leg.
Once again, my luck was against me and halfway back after the fights, my scooter’s back tire got a puncture. After pushing it for about two kilometres, eventually one of the locals stopped and offered to take me back to the resort. It took some haggling, but he agreed to 600 Baht for the lift, but at that stage after pushing it so far already, I probably would have paid anything.
Of course, this morning we had to get the scooter back to where we hired them and paid 200 Baht for a new tube after having paid 500 to get it there. So at the end of the day, my puncture cost 1300 Baht (about R400).
After that, we took a awesome drive through the jungle to a remote village called Thong Nai Pan and found an awesome little stuck away arts shop to get some gifts. Needless to say as with the rest of the island, the views were amazing!
For now though, its time to relax and catch a nap in preparation for tonight.

Koh Phangan #3: Just Cruising


It’s been a busy two days of driving around on our scooters and checking out stuff around the island. Of course, going with the trend so far, something had to go wrong.
Today a swarm of some insects (that I wasn’t going to try identify since I was fleeing for my life) attacked me when I stopped on the side of the road to take some photos.
I ended up getting stung twice and to say it was painful is a major understatement. It wasn’t long before that subsided and I was fine though, after Alex managed to pull out the, almost centimetre long, stingers that is.
We did manage to cruise around almost the whole island, except the east side which we couldn’t fit in with everything else. We also managed to see Phaeng Waterfall and got to the viewpoint on top of the hill, before a big tour group started coming up, which was really cool, although the cloudy day spoiled it only a bit.
We also scouted the Haad Rin beach a bit before we pitch up for tomorrow’s New Years Full Moon Party.
On the plus side, we did manage to locate the location of the Half-moon Festival and find the lost room key which is always good…

Koh Phangan #2: Half Moon Festival


I had my first and last Bucket(s) last night at an epic party called the Half Moon Festival. It’s a huge party on the mountain in the jungle here on the island.
That said sometime in the night, I lost our room key and Alex got ripped by paying 600 Baht for a scooter ride back. To put it into perspective, I paid 100 Baht for my ride back. Why did we catch separate lifts? Well I passed out and he couldn’t find me.
So that is why I said my first and last bucket…
Regardless, it was an awesome party and I hope the New Year Full Moon Party is just as awesome. And since I decided to lose the key, we spent the night sleeping on the porch of our room until the reception opened in the morning, which really made me popular.
But besides that, today we got our scooters and as only I could do, after 5 minutes or so, I crashed it when I hit some gravel while turning. No it wasn’t damaged, but I got a few cuts and scratches on my hand and leg. It’s been cool since then though and we cruised around the island a bit before coming back for a swim and to just chill a bit. While out we came across a guy selling everything from petrol to cooldrink to mushrooms.
Anyway that’s all for now, I am gonna catch a quick power-nap before doing heading out tonight

Koh Phangan #1: The holiday officially starts!


It’s been two days of travel – four plane rides, one night in Bangkok, one very wet catamaran ride and a trip on the back of some converted bakkie that is the local taxi – but we are here in Koh Phangan and the place we are staying is to put it simply – AWESOME 🙂
After dropping everyone else that was in the taxi off, there were some doubts about the place. The one place we saw was called Charm Resort and it was anything but that.
I can’t guarantee that I’ll be doing anymore blogging for the next six days, so for now goodbye…

Thailand Baby #6: Koh Samui


I’m beginning to think that shaving my hair before flying here was a bad idea. Every time I have gone through a security check point, I have been called to one side and have been searched by hand. Damn profiling!
But regardless, we have arrived at Koh Samui and are waiting for the ferry to Koh Phangan. Sometime in this week we have to come back here, because there are some cool things to do like a canopy tour over the jungle and ATV tours.
But for now, the plan is to get to Koh Phangan and get rid of our bags so we can go get out and do the tourist thing.

Thailand Baby #5: At Long Last

Enjoy Authentic Thai Cuisine on Board - Ayutth...

Image by via Flickr

After more than 24 hours of travel, we have arrived in Thailand, although we’re pretty tired and have to get up again at 5am to catch the next flight.

We have just had our first taste of Thai food and it was pretty awesome. The intention is to eat stuff I would never normally eat. Tonight it was “ginger fried chicken sweet”, or that’s the direct translation anyway. My taste buds are spinning outta control, but it was pretty awesome.

The one problem so far is trying to communicate, granted it’s probably better than some other countries but when I asked for a glass of Coke, I got a empty glass. Note to self: keep it simple, just ask for Coke 😛

After minimal sleep on the plane, today is just a chill out before the actual fun begins…

Since all I had was 20 Baht (20 minutes access), this is going to be a really quick update. The other hoptels have free wireless, so should be able to post more then.

That’s all for now.

Thailand Baby! #4: JHB


So here we are, checked in, we are through customs and now sitting in the smoking lounge (you suck Alex). It’s really happening! In less than 24 hours we’ll be on the other side of customs in Thailand (hopefully).

Things seem to be going well so far. PE-Jhb flight went ahead of schedule, customs was a breeze, and the flight is on time.

The question is what do I do for the next two hours? I’m sure it’s gonna fly by…