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Proud To Be A Sharks Supporter!

2008 Currie Cup Premier Division

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After a rugby game like the one I witnessed, between the Sharks and Western Province, it makes me very proud that I support the Sharks.  Two weeks ago I witnessed them outplay the ogreish Blue Bulls. The Sharks beat them by playing smart rugby and I realised that ‘golden boy’ Patrick Lambie, as fly-half, played a key role in that.

According to Wikipedia:

A fly-half is crucial to a team’s game plan. The fly-half is usually the one who calls set moves, or makes tactical decisions. Fly-halves need to be quick-thinking in a game, such is the speed at which a situation can deteriorate, and need to be able to communicate with all the backs and adapt them to the attacking or defending situation.

What makes Lambie even more remarkable, is that he only turned 20 about a week ago. If you go back and look at some of the key points on their last two games, Lambie made choices that changed the games for the Sharks. During the game today one of the commentators made a remark: “He has a head of someone 10 years his senior”. He hit the nail on the head with that remark because that is exactly I saw.

But admittedly he was not the only player on the field and the rest of the team played just as well, if not better. Players like Andries Strauss, Lwazi Mvovo & Charl McLeod have given the Springbok selectors something to think about next time round, even if they didn’t get selected for the end of year so-called ‘Grand-Slam Tour‘ to the northern hemisphere. Although grand-slam is not accurate unless we win all of the games, but that’s not really important.

After the post-game ceremony, the Springbok Team was announced, which was a moment to treasure, as 9 of the Sharks were selected in the thirty man squad. Four of the six previously uncapped players were from the Sharks. This is the first time in ages they have overtaken the all the other teams as the majority (the Blue Bulls have 8 players in the squad, Western Province have 6, Freestate Cheetahs have 4, the Golden Lions have 1 and 2 players are based overseas).

The Springboks’ fixtures are:

November 6 v Ireland (Dublin)
November 13 v Wales (Cardiff)
November 20 v Scotland (Edinburgh)
November 27 v England (Twickenham)
December 4 v Barbarians (Twickenham)

Tour squad (in alphabetical order. * Indicates new cap):

Gio Aplon (Vodacom Western Province); Age: 28; Test caps: 9
Bjorn Basson (Vodacom Blue Bulls); 23, 2
Juan de Jongh (Vodacom Western Province); 22, 6
Jean de Villiers (Vodacom Western Province); 29, 63
Francois Hougaard (Vodacom Blue Bulls); 22, 5
Bryan Habana (Vodacom Western Province); 27, 66
* Elton Jantjies (Xerox Golden Lions); 20, 0
Ricky Januarie (Vodacom Western Province); 28, 47
* Patrick Lambie (The Sharks); 20, 0
* Lwazi Mvovo (The Sharks); 24, 0
Ruan Pienaar (Ulster, N Ireland); 26, 43
Frans Steyn (Racing Metro, France); 23, 39
Morne Steyn (Vodacom Blue Bulls); 26, 21

* Willem Alberts (The Sharks); Age: 26, Test caps: 0
Bakkies Botha (Vodacom Blue Bulls); 31, 68
Schalk Burger (Vodacom Western Province); 27, 63
* Keegan Daniel (The Sharks); 25, 0
Bismarck du Plessis (The Sharks); 26, 32
Jannie du Plessis (The Sharks); 28, 20
Alistair Hargreaves (The Sharks); 24, 2
Ryan Kankowski (The Sharks); 25, 16
Victor Matfield (captain, Vodacom Blue Bulls); 33, 101
Tendai Mtawarira (The Sharks); 25, 22
* Coenie Oosthuizen (Vodacom Cheetahs); 21, 0
Chiliboy Ralepelle (Vodacom Blue Bulls); 24, 17
Juan Smith (Vodacom Cheetahs); 29, 65
Pierre Spies (Vodacom Blue Bulls); 25, 37
Adriaan Strauss (Vodacom Cheetahs); 24, 7
CJ van der Linde (Vodacom Cheetahs); 30, 65
Flip van der Merwe (Vodacom Blue Bulls); 25, 6

It really is a moment to be a truly proud Sharks supporter!

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The World Is F***ed #1: Censorship


Image by mUAr_cHEe via Flickr

Since when has everyone in the world become a bunch of moaning, bitching, easily offended, idiotic, spoon fed, (insert adjective of choice here) pansies?

Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention when the memo went out, but I first noticed it when when Cee Lo Green‘s awesome song, ‘Fuck You’, became ‘Forget You’ on radio. Seriously? Forget is a legitimate substitute for Fuck? Most of you probably are wondering what the hell I’m talking about. And this is my problem: Most people know the song as ‘Forget You’, but the song is called ‘FUCK You’, not ‘Forget You’. I played the proper version for a friend, kingtyrone and even he agreed the song was suddenly completely different. The only way to understand is to watch the video below and compare it with the bullshit radio-friendly version.

Then I started paying attention. You know those annoying customer care centers? You ever notice that the amount of disclaimers and legal crap that they have to read to you and that you have to agree to before they actually help you has increased. What used to take 5 minutes to do over the phone, now takes twice as long. You can’t even buy a data bundle from MTN for your 3G modem now without having to listen to 10 minutes of explanations and indemnity clauses, before you can get your bundle. A little while back it was as simple as loading a voucher and then clicking on the bundle you wanted in the MTN F@stlink software.

Even those stupid sales calls for insurance and cellphone contracts we don’t need have got them now. Soon you’ll have to sign a 20 page contract to load airtime on your phone.

We’re making it worse and honestly, I’d hate to see what this generation of children are going to be like. I was listening to a friend talking about his kids and the school they’re at. When I was a kid and I didn’t do my homework, the teacher would call me up to the front of class and I’d get my ass beaten. The other kids would go “Ooh!” and “Aah!” each time the (bat/stick/plank/any blunt wooden instrument and even a broken golf club) hit you ass. Next time you would make sure you did your homework. What happens now? The school informs the parent ,who must then deal with it. Huh? What the hell is that? Isn’t that what I pay you to do? Even as parents you are not allowed to punish your child like that anymore.

What we need is one big global bitch-slap. Everyone in the world needs to stop whatever the fuck they are doing and just bitch-slap whoever is next to them at the same time. Young, old, big, small, male, female, it doesn’t matter who you are. You just give the person next to you the hardest, baddest, guilt-free bitch-slap ever. No regrets, no retaliation, we just carry on as normal. A guy can dream…

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Posts of Randomness #1


There are times where you just need to vent and for me that happens when I game. I just loose myself in the universe that has been created for my enjoyment. There are very few games I absolutely love and one of those was Star Wars: Force Unleashed.

I am a huge Star Wars fan. Not Fanboy, but a fan… I have the original and prequel dvd boxsets, have played the a lot of the games. But The Force Unleashed just blew my mind. I have to admit here, I’ve always been drawn to the dark side so the Starkiller character was awesome for me. Okay granted, I followed the good path at the end but I had some fun with the dark side.

So when I heard about the sequel a few months back I literally came in my pants… okay not really but you get the point! And this morning on 5fm I heard an advertisement confirming it’s release tomorrow at all major retailers.

I won’t try explain it to you, but just have a look at these:

Then I came across this article earlier and the geek in me wanted to start jumping up and down and celebrating! Christopher Nolan has released the official title of the new Batman movie –

The Dark Knight Rises

Go read more by clicking above.

After reading that I came across this article on one of my favourite blogs: about procrastination which is pretty funny since I put off reading it to do some other things…

Anyways, that’s all from me for now… but before I go here are some random pictures for you to ponder.

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Thailand: A Bit Of Bragging…

Baiyoke Sky Hotel
Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan

A friend implanted an idea in my head in the beginning of the year when he mentioned going to something called the Full Moon Party in Koh Pha Ngan in Thailand

At first I ignored what he had suggested, but then I realised I was being a douchebag by not even looking at what it was about. I then started reading some travel journals and travel sites and while there were a lot of warnings about drugs and such, most people said it was the ultimate party experience and how awesome it was.

This was followed by the financial check. Surprisingly Thailand is super cheap for most people especially South Africans. Normally for us South Africans, travel is restrictively expensive. Thailand: really cheap… awesome!

I then realised that this trip would tick off one of my lifetime travel goals: Experience an Asian New Years Party.

When I started looking into the costs, I realised that I could actually afford it, especially if we booked ourselves.

And so began a month or 2 of planning and arranging of finances, by August we were ready to book! We managed to be able to afford a week in Koh Phangan followed by a week in Bangkok.

And we are doing it in style! On the first day, the plan is to get tailored suits sorted for when we arrive back a week later. So for a week, we will party in up like students in Koh Phangan, for the Full Moon Party, over New Years Eve. Then its back to Bangkok, to party in style and take in all the sights and culture.

We are even staying in the tallest building in Thailand – The Baiyoke Sky Hotel. I cant wait!!

Baiyoke Sky Hotel

Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Bangkok

Out With The Old…

A while back I wrote a blog, “Are You Geek?”, but then as time went on, I could not fit what I was writing in with my blog. It was very frustrating and I just dropped everything.

The Tequila Thursday Writing Club

The Tequila Thursday Writing Club

Then along came a opportunity that I hoped would bring me back: a few people I know decided to form a writers group called “The Tequila Thursday Writing Club” and I duly joined. At first we had no idea what we were doing and there were a few occasions in those first couple of weeks where things went downhill very quickly – we are the TEQUILA Thursday Writing club after all 😉

But then things settled down and even though we weren’t sure we could handle meeting every week in the beginning, the once or twice that we couldn’t meet, for whatever reason, or if we missed a writer’s club as individuals, we were curious to know what had happened on the night. Several people also started following the blog at

It definitely got my creative juices flowing, but my old blog still seemed wrong somehow. The weeks went by as we followed Julia Cameron‘s “The Artists Way” and by the end we all had all decided to also do NaNoWriMo, which I think will be awesome!

I then decided to create this new blog for myself, more fitting to who I am now. And so, little ideas began to form alongside my Nano’s ever growing universe. But being the procrastinator that I am it has taken way longer to come together that it should have. I couldn’t even settle on where to host the blog… But eventually here we are and I hope this is gonna be the blog I intend it to be!